28 June 2017 6:00PM Bondi Pavilion, Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia.
Happiness with Dr Saamdu Chetri

What is Happiness?

Did you know in Bhutan they measure wellbeing of the country's people, rather than just economic factors to determine the success of their nation and they don't allow the government to proceed with a policy unless it has been measured against the wellbeing goals?

Bhutan, a tiny kingdom in the Eastern Himalayans, implemented this big idea 40 years ago - a program of modernisation called Gross National Happiness. Living standards, health conditions and education levels have greatly increased and it has proven to be a sound and successful economic model. 

This is a hugely eye-opening approach as it takes into account human needs more than business needs. 

Conscious Club scours the world for the most outstanding speakers and talent to inspire our community and we are delighted to announce our next guest speaker; 

Wednesday 28th June at Bondi Pavilion Theatre 

Dr Saamdu Chetri, the Director of The Gross National Happiness in Bhutan 

In a light-hearted and candid interview with Gary Gorrow - All about Happiness!

Join us for this unique event, as we explore the connection between how happiness can create the conditions for our social, economic, environmental, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. 

We will learn about the philosophy of Gross National Happiness and the model it could provide for other countries around the world.  

Dr Saamdu will challenge your thinking beyond more than just fleeting happiness.

Watch this clip about Gross National Happiness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOE3wL26LUA

Plus there is much much more to feed your soul - a light-hearted evening of conscious club fun, wisdom, art, film, meditation and doing good. We will also be treating you to a special group musical meditation created for your wellbeing by the incredible guest pianist Katy Tsai and flautist Tina Marden.

We will show you a short film we made about The Sam Project who took on our Do Good Challenge and what they did with $500 to enrich the lives of others and raise awareness for mental health. 

Conscious Club loves to connect likeminded people, so come and mingle with our vibrant community before and after the show. Be nourished with a delicious vegan meal and hang around after the show for complimentary chocolates from Loving Earth and a Moksha Ayurvedic Tea. 

Don't miss out, grab your tickets quick!

Conscious Club is an experience that is diverse evocative and expansive for the mind and heart, a unique experience unfound anywhere else